Paint Quality - Why Use Trade Paint?

I am often asked by customers if they can supply their own paint, I much prefer to provide a professional, high-quality trade paint. This is because trade paint is far more durable, has a richer finish and offers much better coverage than any DIY retail paint. 

Customers often think that DIY paint is the more economical option as it cheaper per litre than trade paint.  DIY paint will require three or more coats of paint compared to trade paint which covers in two. 

DIY paint also does not offer the high quality finish that a trade paint does.  


Trade paint always provides better coverage than a DIY retail paint and trade paint will always cover more surface area than retail paint will. For example, where a Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt covers 17m per litre, the DIY retail equivalent Dulux Vinyl Matt only covers 13m per litre.


Trade paint is a higher quality, uses less coats, and has a more durable, longer-lasting finish. Meaning that it is far better value in the long term.

Higher Opacity

Trade paint offers higher opacity, with a richer colour pigmentation than DIY retail paint. This means a superior ability to hide the surface that you are painting; be that the colour you are painting over or the surface you are painting itself which means fewer coats are needed. 

Colour Mixing

If you buy a professional trade paint you can have almost any colour you like mixed to order. You can match a colour from fabric, wallpaper, pretty much anything and have your chosen colour mixed to order.


The main benefit to buying a retail paint is cost. A DIY retail paint may be cheaper than a professional trade paint but it is worth bearing in mind that you will need more coats of a DIY retail paint to achieve good coverage, the durability will be low, and the finish of the project won’t be as high quality as it would be with a trade paint.


Trade paint is more durable than retail paint thanks to its higher quality formula designed not to yellow or fade over time and to withstand higher levels of wear and tear. It lasts longer and can be wiped clean without compromising the finish. If you wipe a retail paint clean, you will remove the paint very easily whereas with a trade paint, you can gently wipe stains or marks off without damaging the finish or colour. Some trade paints even offer a specific durable range that can be scrubbed repeatedly without damage.